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Indemnity for Pharmacy Technicians undertaking Covid-19 vaccination activity.

We have secured approval from underwriters to provide indemnity insurance for registered pharmacy technicians delivering Covid-19 vaccinations.

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Formal professional registration of pharmacy technicians has occurred only recently, and with it come the advantages of working within a profession that reserves certain pharmaceutical activities and ensures by statute that they can only be carried out by registered pharmacy technicians.

As a consequence, like other statutorily registered healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, dentists and pharmacists, the status of pharmacy technicians has now formally arrived at the registered healthcare professional table.

It is inevitable that increasingly pharmacy technicians will be taking on tasks previously undertaken by others. The work of a pharmacy technician will grow in complexity and responsibility, bringing with it professional reward and ultimately financial benefit.

With this added responsibility will also come the demands that society places upon those that deliver healthcare to the public. Additionally, pharmacy technicians will need to follow the rules and regulations under whose umbrella they will now need to operate. In the event that something goes wrong, pharmacy technicians can expect to face consequences and will need to answer for their actions.

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