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Covid-19 Technician Vaccination Extension

Providing Pharmacy Technicians with indemnity cover to undertake Covid-19 vaccinations.

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Covid-19 Technician Vaccination Extension
Legal Defence, Public Liability & Professional Indemnity
Sun 14th April 2024 (Or day following current expiry date for renewals)
1 Year


I understand that this Covid-19 vaccination insurance extension:

The Covid-19 Vaccination Extension is suitable for

Pharmacy Technicians working in any sector or even in domiciliary situations whilst administering Covid-19 vaccinations. Pharmacy Technicians working in Trusts, Hospitals, GP Practices, Health Boards, Primary Care Networks, GP Federations, community pharmacies or standalone community pharmacy led vaccination centres, care homes or even the homes of patients etc. Either in an employed capacity, or if self-employed when engaged by the Trust, GP practice, Primary Care Network, GP Federation or standalone community pharmacy vaccination centre via a contract, secondment agreement, honorary contract or volunteer agreement.

The Indemnity Extension

This indemnity extension is designed to sit on top of any State or employer Backed Schemes (where applicable), the UK Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme and the immunity provision protections. Read More

Because the risk of the effects of the antigen is shared with the state in this way, the PIA scheme provides indemnity for the process of the vaccination itself. In this way, it keeps costs of indemnity low by providing a lower limit of indemnity protection.

The extension will provide;

Over and above the current indemnity benefits, insurance cover for Covid-19 Vaccination Extension includes:

Responding to compensation claims resulting from;

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive

Insurance cover for covid-19 vaccinations will not extend to:


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